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So they sent me out here...

Where I won't `poison' the minds of youth.

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My name's Alana. I make icons, art, and fanfic that I should really gather up into a master post. I'm a feminist, but still learning about feminism and social justice; if I err, please call me out.

I know a little German and a lot of geeky stuff.

I RP. My current HMD/journal list is here, but I play more than that.

If you wanna chat or RP over AIM, drop me a line-- my SN is aranamitouma.
100x100, admiral zex, adobe photoshop, air gear, aliens, anime, are your interests lj-approved?, art, avatar: tla, bjd, books, brushes, camui gackt, captures, chachamaru, clamp, computer games, creativity, dears, demyx anti-defamtion squad, den of demons, deviant schoolgirls on speed, digital art, discworld, dolls, drawing, earthlings, emma emmerich, fan art, fan fiction, fanart, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fanworks, final fantasy, foxhound, fruits basket, frungy, frungy championships, gackt, gaming, gary stus, gay napoleonic sailors, goodfic, hal emmerich, harry potter, hideo kojima, hyde, icon creation, icons, ideas, interspecies relations, j&d, jak & daxter, japan, jpop, jrock, katamari damacy, keyblades, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, l'arc~en~ciel, languages, les enfants terribles, lexaeus, luxord, manga, mary sues, marysues, metal gear solid, metal gear?!, mgs, mockery, moonchild, movies, music, musicals, mythology, naked snake, namine, naruto, otacon, ouran, painting, petshop of horrors, phoenix wright, pirates, plot, precursors, pterry, raiden, raikov, ranting, rants, reading, revolver ocelot, riku, roy campbell, rpg, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, sandman, sci-fi, science fiction, shadow moses, sherlock holmes, silliness, slash, slash/yaoi, sniper wolf, solid snake, star control, star control 2, starcon2, stargate sg-1, supox, temeraire, text adventures, tfa, the joy, the precursors, the sorrow, theater, theatre, theirloveisso____, transformers, transformers armada, twincest, uqm, video games, volgin, vorkosigan, vux, wank, writing, yakitate japan, yakitate!! japan, yaoi, yu yu hakusho

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