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So they sent me out here...

[ootd post] I call this "I haven't had a shower since Monday..."

9/8/11 12:31 pm - [ootd post] I call this "I haven't had a shower since Monday..."

"... and I'm going to spend six hours today playing with clay, but that doesn't mean I can't be styling" chic.

Featuring black skinny jeans, a men's XL tee I picked up for $5 at Hot Topic a while ago, dark brown almost-calf-high boots with brass eyes and buckles, my sweet black leather belt with brass and blue roses, one of my own necklaces, and a (subtly!) sparkly beret.

You know, I looked at this outfit and thought to myself, "Alana, how much black do you have in your wardrobe at school?"

... In my school wardrobe, I have: three pairs of black skinny jeans; a pair of black pleather leggings; three black skirts; two primarily black dresses; a black button-up tunic-length blouse; my black Equius tank top; a black turtleneck; a black Transformers tee with tons of Decepticons on it; a black beret, fedora (with pinstripes), leather cap, canvas cap, woven paper bowler; four black belts; black boots, black-and-grey striped flats, neon-on-black patterned sneakers; plain black tights, black-and-pink argyle tights, black-and-grey herringbone tights, striped black and purple thighhighs with green spiders, and black trouser socks; one each black bra and black camisole; a thick black plastic bangle; a black wrist brace; and a big sparkly black rose pin.

... I regret nothing.

Anyways, my bedsheets are hot pink. That balances it out and makes me not a goth, right? XD (Though I may be a theater backstagey person without realizing it...)
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