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So they sent me out here...

OOTDx2.5 combo

8/28/11 02:23 pm - OOTDx2.5 combo

Man I thought about posting these to Fatshionista but I really... I'm such a smallfat that I'd feel like I'd be intruding, and all the clothes are straight sizes, I think. BLUH WHATEVER friendslist, you get to see me dressing up instead.

I looove that belt; a lot of my wardrobe is black or blue, and it just kicks everything off so well? It is a little tight, being a belt from one of those stores that sells every size you want, as long as it's xs-m, but it still fits and is pretty comfortable! And those peacock blue tights are just fucking amazing (though I wish they were a little more comfortable, too; I can get tights that fit me, but usually it's only just barely. The exception is the size... 3, I think? George tights from Wal-Mart, which are nice and cheap, but usually not very colorful, and Hue sweater tights in m/l) (but George is the brand my ribbed Equius tights are so!!!).

You can't really see it, but I'm wearing a rainbow headband and rainbow ribbon flower in my hair. B) (later on, I switched them out for this badass motherfucker.)

This outfit made me feel like a sophisticated-as-fuck badass firebender. Seriously. I don't have much in these colors-- I'm usually a blue-black-purple-grey person, with some green and pink-- but I think I need more, because hot damn. I feel like I could throw fireballs.

These are the same boots as the first outfit; I'm breaking them in, and love them madly. Hopefully they'll last pretty well, despite being $20 ones! I always mourn when I wear my boots out.

My hair is a little flyaway because I took these photos after adjusting a bed, walking across campus, then walking back in the rain :V but fire nation loops are super-easy, you just gather your hair back from your temples, put that in a ponytail, and only pull the hair partway through on the last time.

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