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So they sent me out here...

Biblepunk RPG stuff!

8/29/10 09:24 am - Biblepunk RPG stuff!

Warnings for MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TEXT LIKE FOREVER under the cut.

Playable Races:

These are humans! They are the average and wide-spread types that do all the normal things that humans do. In this setting, their skin ranges from light olive, to warm brown, to nearly blue-black, and their hair from dark blond to red to black, straight or curly, fine or coarse; adult heights range from 5' to 6'8". They have no innate advantages or disadvantages.
(average of 10 in all stats)

Taller than humans, the nephilim are the children of the unions of human women and the Sons of God; they show their divine heritage clearly and unmistakably, ranging from 7' to 13'4" tall, with unnaturally-hued skin, hair, or eyes, and equally unusual physical traits, such as patterned skin or additional limbs. They are usually above the human average, but are not unsurpassable, for they gain strength more slowly than their human brethren.
(average of 11 in all stats)

Non-Playable Races:

Sons of God (Angels)
They can take many forms, including that of humans, but their true forms are great and terrible to see. They are several times more powerful than normal humans.
(average of 30 in all stats)

False Gods
More powerful than even angels, they are worshiped by those who do not worship God. Though they rarely walk the earth, they are strong indeed, and have their hands in much of the works of Man.
(average of 40 in all stats)

There is only One.

There are five basic stats:


All characters start at 9 points for all stats, and points to distribute. They can also move points between stats during character creation-- for instance, they can reduce their speed to 7 for two extra points into strength.

Humans have 8 points to distribute.

Nephilim with one racial trait have 7 points to distribute, and nephilim with 2 have 6 points to distribute. To balance the starting boost nephilim have due to racial traits, they level more slowly, requiring 25% more experience per level THIS IS DIFFERENT NOW but the spreadsheet is on a different computer >.>;; than a human. (Nephil racial traits are rolled before points are distributed.)

Age is divided into six groups, with benefits to each:
Youth: +1 Speed, +1 Strength
Young: +1 Strength, +1 Charisma
Adult: +1 Strength, +1 Charisma
Mature: +1 Charisma, +1 Intelligence
Old: -1 Strength, +2 Intelligence

Nephilim Racial Traits:

To determine a nephil's height in inches, roll 1 D20, multiply the result by four, and add to 80:

(Or roll 4 d20 and add to 80, for a more exact result.)

Roll one d2 (flip a coin-- heads=2, tails=1) to determine the number of racial traits a nephil has, then roll that many d10s and check the Trait Chart. (If you roll two of the same number, roll one die again.)

Trait Chart:
1: Forearmed
-- Your nephil has four arms, one pair before the other. +2 Str
2: Tentacles
-- Your nephil has a pair of dexterous, arm-length tentacles with sleek or slightly pebbly skin, growing from just below the arms. +2 Dex
3: Satyr
-- Your nephil has furred legs and cloven hooves. +2 Spd
4: Clawed
-- Your nephil has sharp, retractable claws on all digits. +1 damage in unarmed combat.
5: Inhuman Eyes
-- Your nephil has bizarre eyes. Roll a D6 to determine specifics on the Inhuman Eyes chart. +10 bonus to all sight-related rolls.
6: Anemone
-- Your nephil has independently-moving tendrils instead of hair on their head. +1 Dex, +5 to touch-related rolls, cannot wear helmets.
7: Patterned Skin
-- Your nephil has an animalistic pattern on their skin. It may cover all their skin, or be restricted to their back, upper arms, and upper legs, as the player wishes. Roll a D6 to determine pattern on the Patterned Skin chart. +1 Cha, +5 to any stealth-related rolls.
8: Armored Skin
-- Your nephil has heavy, scale-like plates protecting their lower arms, legs, and back. -1 Cha, -1 Dex, +3 Str
9: Vestigial Wings
-- Your nephil has non-functional feathered wings growing from their back. +2 Cha
10: Tail
-- Your nephil has an animal-like tail growing from their rump. +1 Dex, +5 to any balance- or movement-related rolls.

Inhuman Eyes: (see image for samples)
1: Snake-slit
2: Goat
3: Cephalopod
4: All Iris
5: All Pupil
6: Square

Patterned Skin: (see image for samples)
1: Striped
2: Spotted
3: Patchwork
4: Reticulated
5: Diamond
6: Player's Choice
-- The player chooses from pattern 1-5, or selects a pattern not on this chart, with the DM's approval.

Experience from fighting = all base stats of opponent added together, times level divided by 4, rounded down. So an average Lv. 1 human, with ten points in each base score, would be 50*(1/4)=12; an average Lv. 4 Nephil would be 65*(4/4)=65; a lv. 30 dragon with 20 in all stats would be 750.

Even level= +1 stat point, +3 skill points
Odd level = +2 stat points, +2 skill points

Starting health=6d6+total str, +2d6 per level


Start with 10 skill points; for each skill point, +5 modifier to a roll

Stat modifiers= stat-10*2

For dual-stat skills, modifier=(stat1+stat2)-20

If untrained, -10 penalty.
Skills are d100 rolls against a number picked by the GM. An average task that should be performable by an average, untrained person should have a target number of about 5-10; for nearly-impossible tasks, setting the target above 100 is possible.

Skill/tied to

Awareness (Int/Dex)
Navigation (int)
Willpower (Str/Int)

Swimming (Str)
Climbing (Dex/Str)
Ride Tamed Beast (Dex)
Ride Untamed Beast (Cha/Str)
Sprint (Spd)
Sneak Silently (Dex)
Sneak Unseen (Dex/Int)
Aviation (Dex/int)

Leatherwork (Dex)
Metallurgy (Dex)
Woodworking (Dex)
Instrument (Int/Dex)
Singing (Int/Cha)
Cooking (Int)
Reading (int)

Unarmed Combat (Str)
Armed Combat (Dex/Str)
Ranged Weapons (Dex)
Block (Spd/Str)
Dodge (Speed)

Command (Cha)
Bargain (Int)
Seduction (Cha)

Medical Knowledge (int)
Knowledge of the Wilds (Int)
Gather Food (Int)

Still working on refining skills and figuring out what else is needed. And yes, Ride Untamed Beast is required, for riding dinosaurs. (WHAT'S THAT IT SOUNDS LIKE EVERYONE NOT USING CHA AS A DUMP STAT. HELL YEAH DINOSAURS.)

Yes, the sky is pink water. Due to AWESOME. |D

Cover mock-up! <3 Though I'm not entiiirely happy with the title font-- it's Faerie, which is pretty and old-looking, but perhaps a more gothic font would suit it better? (If anyone has suggestions, I am open!)
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