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So they sent me out here...

Where I won't `poison' the minds of youth.

12/31/11 01:01 pm - Moving to DW!

New journal here.

This will probably be my last post to this journal! I don't intend to crosspost, so... yeah.

I'll be posting around to my communities in a bit, asking if they want to move over to DW. :T

12/21/11 01:20 am

I am literally getting a headache from the new comment system. D:

So, uh, anyone moving to DW...? I have an account over there as skyseers...

10/31/11 03:36 pm

Doin' halloween doodle requests. C: Hit me up, darlings.

9/26/11 03:07 pm - Icon Post: Ace Attorney, Homestuck, Nier

130 Icons:
16 Ace Attorney (Ron DeLite)
45 Homestuck
69 Nier

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9/26/11 12:58 pm - OOTD: teal is an awesome color ok

two photosCollapse )

9/8/11 12:31 pm - [ootd post] I call this "I haven't had a shower since Monday..."

"... and I'm going to spend six hours today playing with clay, but that doesn't mean I can't be styling" chic.
three terrible webcam pics behind the cutCollapse )
You know, I looked at this outfit and thought to myself, "Alana, how much black do you have in your wardrobe at school?"

... In my school wardrobe, I have: three pairs of black skinny jeans; a pair of black pleather leggings; three black skirts; two primarily black dresses; a black button-up tunic-length blouse; my black Equius tank top; a black turtleneck; a black Transformers tee with tons of Decepticons on it; a black beret, fedora (with pinstripes), leather cap, canvas cap, woven paper bowler; four black belts; black boots, black-and-grey striped flats, neon-on-black patterned sneakers; plain black tights, black-and-pink argyle tights, black-and-grey herringbone tights, striped black and purple thighhighs with green spiders, and black trouser socks; one each black bra and black camisole; a thick black plastic bangle; a black wrist brace; and a big sparkly black rose pin.

... I regret nothing.

Anyways, my bedsheets are hot pink. That balances it out and makes me not a goth, right? XD (Though I may be a theater backstagey person without realizing it...)

8/29/11 04:00 pm - Eri/Fef fevver shenanigans

-- pesterClient601
began pestering punsonPorpoise
at 9:01 --

PC: sup fef

PP: Gluuuuub. 38(

PP: )(ey!

PC: hey wwhats that face

PC: you ok


PP: I'm sick.

PC: wwhat

PC: howw sick

PP: I mig)(t DI--E!


PC: ill be right ovver fef dont die

PC: fuck

-- pesterClient601

PC: ((... wait why am I still pesterclient)

PC: ((brb))

-- fuckinLand
began pestering punsonPorpoise
at 9:05 --

FL: ((there wwe go))

PP: ((awyis))

PP: /me is just going to lay here and wait to be saved in her makeshift princess bed in the basement with horrorterros and cuttlefish

-- fuckinLand
SWWOOPS IN TO THE RESCUE bearin a sylladex full a soup an tea an blankets an pillowws --

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8/28/11 02:23 pm - OOTDx2.5 combo

Man I thought about posting these to Fatshionista but I really... I'm such a smallfat that I'd feel like I'd be intruding, and all the clothes are straight sizes, I think. BLUH WHATEVER friendslist, you get to see me dressing up instead.

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8/22/11 04:42 pm - MY DOG IS LUCKY SHE'S SO CUTE

because she's an incredible menace to whatever she can reach.

(Today, that was a wooden turtle figure, a necklace Seiber gave me, a ball of undyed wool yarn, a bag of cough drops, a book, and a notebook from last year. /)_(\ )

In other news: stuff on tindeck, and I am in looove with Kamen Rider W.

7/26/11 05:59 pm

Sign-ups are now open for the first ever Homestuck Shipping Olympics!
The HSO is an event that brings fans together to create awesome stuff and hang out. You can participate by signing up with a livejournal account here and choosing which ship to support! Please only sign up if you can be polite and respectful about other ships; we want this to be a really fun experience for everybody. Sign-ups will be open from now until August 1.


Join team Equius <3 Gamzee, guys!

7/15/11 01:25 pm

My GOD Daxter was adorable. *___*
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6/1/11 02:14 pm


Just got a call, they've signed me up for a seat at the hiring next Wednesday. Wish me luck! *3*

5/29/11 11:12 am

I need a few bucks. Does anyone want to comission artwork or jewelry or something crafty from me, or maybe buy some manga or anime DVDs or Transformers toys?

I have:
the first volumes of Yakitate Japan and Yu Yu Hakusho
the first two volumes of .hack//Legend of the Twilight
the first 11 volumes of Fruits Basket
and DVDs of the first seven episodes of Fushigi Yuugi
and episodes 67-70 of Rurouni Kenshin.
Also, if anyone wants the complete run of Dreamwave Transformers: Armada comics, or some Best of UK Marvel reprints...
And ask me about my Transformers.

Jewelry-wise, I make necklaces earrings earcuffs bracelets etc. I mostly do bead and wire work, but I can also do some stuff with sheet metal (copper or aluminum). Art-wise, I do mostly digital stuff, but will also do acrylics, watercolor, ink, or colored pencils. I also crochet; does anyone want an amigurumi of a character or extremely silly hat? I can also tie-dye you a silk scarf all custom-like for less than you'd pay for a scarf in a store.

Comment here, or e-mail me (alanadeckert at yahoo dot com), or ping me on AIM (aranamitouma). My prices are pretty reasonable! (by which I mean I'm desperate :V )

please buy things from me

5/1/11 10:06 pm - OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD


4/16/11 02:09 pm




4/15/11 03:13 am - Homestuck music things.

So there's a new Homestuck album, Medium, with eight tracks. (Wind, Shade, Light, Rain, Heat, Clockwork, Frost, Frogs.) People started talking about how playing the two that make a planet together makes something really cool!

I, of course, promptly went into Garageband and did this.

With every possible combination.

[MediumX2 Combo]x26

Then I was all like "shit, let's play ALL EIGHT SONGS AT THE SAME TIME!"

The Incipisphere

Then I was all like, "man, I bet if I fiddled with this a bit, I could get something cool..."


And THEN I was all like "... I actually really like making mashups! :D HERE LET'S DO ANOTHER THAT WILL DOUBTLESS BE TERRIBLY UNSKILLED BUT STILL PRETTY COOL."

Antithestuck Flames

someone take garageband away from me before someone gets hurt

4/1/11 08:21 pm

Lyrics, for the interestedCollapse )

3/30/11 12:28 pm - Icon Post: MSPA

40 Homestuck Icons

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3/25/11 03:31 pm

3/18/11 09:32 pm

I am not having a very good day.

I was supposed to be with seiberwing by now.

I am in a Super 8 in the middle of Iowa.

Also crying.

... I have not been having a very good day.
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