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So they sent me out here...

Eri/Fef fevver shenanigans

8/29/11 04:00 pm - Eri/Fef fevver shenanigans

-- pesterClient601
began pestering punsonPorpoise
at 9:01 --

PC: sup fef

PP: Gluuuuub. 38(

PP: )(ey!

PC: hey wwhats that face

PC: you ok


PP: I'm sick.

PC: wwhat

PC: howw sick

PP: I mig)(t DI--E!


PC: ill be right ovver fef dont die

PC: fuck

-- pesterClient601

PC: ((... wait why am I still pesterclient)

PC: ((brb))

-- fuckinLand
began pestering punsonPorpoise
at 9:05 --

FL: ((there wwe go))

PP: ((awyis))

PP: /me is just going to lay here and wait to be saved in her makeshift princess bed in the basement with horrorterros and cuttlefish

-- fuckinLand
SWWOOPS IN TO THE RESCUE bearin a sylladex full a soup an tea an blankets an pillowws --

FL: Fef! I'm here!

PP: )(ey, -Eridan..!

PP: /me overdramatically weak voice

-- fuckinLand

-- fuckinLand

-- fuckinLand
an takes up her hand in his an presses the back of his hand to her forehead --

PP: /me holds Eridan's hand weakly

PP: It's so good to see you, at least I don't )(ave to DI-E alone!

-- fuckinLand

FL: f fef you aint gonna die i aint gonna alloww it!

-- fuckinLand
strokes her hair back from her face an presses a wworried kiss to her too-wwarm forehead --


PP: T)(ank you!

-- fuckinLand
STROKESTROKESTROKE fuss fuss wworry wworry --

FL: wwhat can i do fef is there anythin you need i brought pillowws an blankets an soup an tea

PP: .. Can you make me icecream soup?

FL: sure fef anythin you wwant wwhat kind

PP: Sea cucumber.

FL: ok ill make it happen fef anythin for you

FL: h here heres some tea wwhile i go make it fef

PP: T)(ank you!


PP: Ouc)(!

-- fuckinLand
gives her tea and another concerned forehead kiss an-- --

FL: Ah!

FL: fef are you okay oh cod im sorry

-- fuckinLand

PP: It's okay, it's not)(ing compared to all t)(e pain I'm feeling!

-- fuckinLand

FL: f fef oh cod please ill


-- fuckinLand
clings to her bedside like a particuarly teary-eyed clam an strokes her hair an says --

FL: look, i-- i'll be right back wwith sea cucumber ice cream soup fef

FL: if you need me before im back just message me

PP: Alrig)(t.. Please, )(urry! I don't t)(ink I )(ave long left!

-- fuckinLand
DEPARTS IN A FLASH AN ALCHEMISES LIKE THE FUCKIN WWIND an returns wwithin fivve minutes wwith a bowwl of the aforementioned soup --


-- fuckinLand
fkajdskfk SOBS --

FL: fef no fef please youvve gotta be ok fef

-- fuckinLand
falls to his knees at her bedside! an checks for a pulse under her face fins ;A; --

PP: /me is still alive

PP: -E--Eridan...

FL: oh thank cod fef i wwas reely scared

FL: i

FL: i brought you your soup

-- fuckinLand
is teary an sniffly in concern --

PP: T)(ank you!

FL: y youre wwelcome

FL: do you wwant me to feed it to you fef

FL: i dont wwant you to strain yourself

PP: .. Y-yea)(!

PP: /me awyis servants

-- fuckinLand
wwill prop her up on all these pillowws he brough an spoon-feed her tenderlike --

PP: Will you tell me a story at t)(e same time?

FL: s shore

FL: wwhat kinda story fef

PP: I feel a little betta already!

FL: anythin you wwanna hear

PP: A reely fis)(y story. )(ee )(ee.

FL: oh wwhale uh

PP: /me COUGHS into her hand

-- fuckinLand

-- fuckinLand
pats her back an wwibbles an wwobblinly starts sayin --

FL: wwhale okay once there wwas a fish

FL: no wwait

FL: a cuttlefish

FL: an she wwas the most beautiful cuttlefish anyone evver did sea bein all pink an gold an elegant an happy

PP: /me smiles and eats soup and thinks this is a pretty decent story for Eridan standards

FL: an she lovved all the other cuttlefish in the ocean an all the wweird land animals too evven though most a the land animals wwerent evven wworthy of your i mean her attentions

FL: but there wwas a reel big problem for the beautiful cuttlefish!

FL: cause bein so lovvely an regal an all she wwas all cut out to be queen a the cuttlefishes an the land animals too cause clearly cuttlefish are the superior species in this story an get to rule evverythin

FL: but there wwas already a queen cuttlefish an that queen wwasnt havvin none a this

PP: W-w)(at )(appened t)(en?

FL: wwhale clearly she needed help

FL: i mean if it had been anyone but the queen cuttlefish im sure the lovvely pink one thats the starfish a our story wwouldnt havve any trouble

FL: but since it wwas the old queen she saww that she needed some assistance

FL: so she asked her most trusted cuttlefrond evver wwho wwas this dashinly handsome purple cuttlefish by the wway an he said

FL: "shore, fefferfish!"

FL: "ill all help you wwith wwhatevver you need"

FL: "cause wwere best fronds forevver"

FL: an wwith that the twwo a them beat the old queen cuttlefish an the neww queen ruled forevver an evver an made evverythin the wway she wwanted it to be

FL: the end

PP: )(ee)(ee!

PP: T)(at was a great story.

PP: T)(ank you.

PP: /me grips Eridan's hand

PP: I'm so )(appy I'll get to die wit)( you next to me! Glub.




PP: (i'll come up wit)(more ridic demands)

FL: fef i

FL: i aint gonna let you die

PP: I'm not s)(ore if t)(ere is anyt)(ing anyone can do!

FL: but wwhenevver you do die wwhich aint gonna be today ill definately be at your boww

FL: an ill do anythin fef

FL: just stay wwith me

PP: I'll try!

PP: But I am reely sick.

PP: I don't want you to catc)( t)(is too!

-- fuckinLand
sniffles an tears up a little --

FL: a aww fef i

FL: dont wworry about me

FL: only wworry about yourself


FL: be shellfish for me just this once an do wwhatevver you can to get better

PP: T-t)(ank you, -Eridan! I couldn't ask for a better frond!

-- fuckinLand
cradles her hand t his cheek maybe gettin a feww tears on it --

FL: do you need anythin

PP: I t)(ink it's a )(UMAN disease, I don't know )(ow to cure it.

FL: more blankets or pillowws or

PP: No, I'm already too )(ot!

PP: /me kicks off blankets

FL: o okay

PP: /me pouts

FL: wwhale i could pester a human ask them wwhat they do to cure their diseases

PP: Now I'm cold.

PP: Please!

-- fuckinLand
... p-perches on the side of the bed an pulls her close an wwraps his cape around her --

PP: ...! W)(at if you'll catc)( w)(atever I )(ave?

PP: /me snuggles against anyway

FL: i already told you fef dont wworry about me just wworry about you

FL: i cant havve you keelin ovver fef

FL: i

FL: i

FL: i need

FL: ... youre my best frond

PP: /me sneezes on Eridan's cape

PP: T-t)(ank you!

PP: And sorry...

PP: Glub.

PP: /me 38(

FL: its okay i can wwash it

-- fuckinLand
wwipes her nose wwith his sleevve tenderlike --

PP: ...

PP: /me 38)

PP: You're making me feel so muc)( better just being )(ere!!

-- fuckinLand
blushes an buries his face in her hair an mumbles somethin about havvin to be there for her no matter wwhat right --

-- fuckinLand
an bein best fronds. --

-- fuckinLand
an shyly he offers her his pinky finger like wwhen they swwore to be fronds forevver --

PP: /me wraps her SHAKY pinky around Eridan's

-- fuckinLand
began pestering punsonPorpoise
at 13:49 --

-- fuckinLand
wwraps his arm around her an holds her close an lovvinly an strokes her hair an --

FL: oh hey theres a human online

FL: ill go ask him about human diseases


-- sweetIrony
began pestering fuckinLand
at 13:51 --


SI: sup fishsticks

FL: stri im guessin

SI: in the flresh


SI: (flesh*)

SI: or not really

SI: who knows

FL: wwhatevver

FL: are you at least a human

SI: maybe

SI: i could be a klingon for all you know

FL: wwhat the fuck is a

FL: you knoww wwhat nevvermind i dont evven care

FL: stri i need your help

SI: for what

FL: human diseases

FL: i need t knoww howw to treat them

SI: alright lets start with stds

SI: oh

SI: so which one is it

FL: i dunno if i kneww wwhat it wwas i wwouldnt be askin you noww wwould i

FL: fuckin hell

FL: uh

FL: symptoms

SI: so what are they

SI: because i am now doctor strider

FL: sneezin an fevver an wweakness

SI: sounds like

SI: the flu

FL: an cravvin for sea cucumber ice cream soup

FL: the flu

FL: is that bad

SI: wait how are you sure this is a human disease anyway

SI: it could be a

SI: wait for it

SI: troll disease

SI: would that be such a shocking revelation or what

FL: shut up i just need to knoww howw to make it go awway

SI: yeah its bad

SI: you can die from it

SI: like in three days

FL: fuck

FL: fuck fuck fuck fuckin fuckity fuck fuck

FL: that aint fuckin happinin


PP: Alrig)(t!

PP: /me smiles at

PP: I )(ope t)(ey'll be able to )(elp!

FL: i hope so too fef

PP: You know...

PP: /me cups Eridan's cheeks and sticks her face really close

-- fuckinLand

FL: wwhat?

PP: I never noticed you )(ave suc)( an adorabubble nose!

PP: /me squishes cheeks a little and giggles

-- fuckinLand
is. SO PURPLE. oh fuck --

FL: uh

FL: thanks fef

PP: )(ee )(ee.

FL: you havve a reel adorabbubble nose too

PP: /me faints with their foreheads pressed together

-- fuckinLand
... OH SHIT --

-- fuckinLand
PESTERS DAVE URGENTLY an holds her close and sobs a little --


SI: so heres what you do

FL: oh fuck fuck she just fainted

SI: damn

FL: fuck shit shit

SI: looks like i have to give you the emergency cure methods

SI: first you kiss her

SI: and then find some medicine

FL: wwhat kind of medicine

SI: [insert medicine for flu here because fuck if i know]

SI: yeah so you get that

SI: make sure the kiss is pretty deep though

FL: (anti-virals and vitamin- and calorie-rich foods and liquids :V )

FL: ok

SI: (LOL ok thanks XD)

SI: what would you do without me here to help

SI: i am just simply the best doctor there is

FL: do you think you could get the medicine for me

SI: sure

FL: im takin her up t my room ivve got food up there

FL: its room [wwhatevver]

FL: an

SI: (he will also sneak in candy hearts with the medicine)

FL: fuck

FL: i owwe you one

SI: anytime

SI: peace out tell me when you guys lay eggs or something

-- sweetIrony
ceased pestering fuckinLand
at 14:13 --


FL: fef oh god fef please

PP: /me glubs in her sleep a little

-- fuckinLand
cradles her an pesters davve evven more frantically an glubs in wworry an then --

-- fuckinLand
followwin stris advvice --

-- fuckinLand
kisses her. on the mouth. wwith urgent desperation. --

PP: /me wakes up really confused

-- fuckinLand
is still kissing her. --

PP: /me just GOES WITH IT and kisses back and then away back to giggle a little

-- fuckinLand
goes dfhakjdfh an flushes solid purple from hair to chin --

FL: fef?

PP: )(m?

FL: i

FL: im gonna carry you a little bit

PP: O)(? W)(ere to?

PP: Are you strong enoug)(?

PP: /me grins a little

FL: up t my room so i can make you some reel food ok

FL: an yeah im strong enough

PP: Okay!

PP: T)(ank you, -Eridan.

PP: /me doesn't even know half what is going on

-- fuckinLand
wwraps his cape around her an his scarf around her neck an lifts her bridalstyle in his arms --

PP: /me is p much dead weight other than linking her arms around Eridan's neck

-- fuckinLand
wwill carry her up an keep on. tenderly. kissin her face. wwithout goin for the lips again at least for noww. --

FL: fef wwere here

FL: do you think uh

FL: you could open the door

FL: i dont wwant to drop you doin it myself

PP: /me fell asleep for a moment there, but reaches to sleepily open the door, missing the handle on the first few tries

PP: /me SUCCEEDS on the fourth try though

-- fuckinLand
rewwards her wwith a tender squeeze an a kiss on the nose an a nuzzle at her cheek --

FL: come on fef im gonna make you so much soup

FL: an stri is gonna come bring you some medicine

PP: /me smiles widely in a sleepy manner, nuzzling Eridan back

PP: Mmm.. Fintastic.

FL: e ehe

FL: yeah fuckin fintastic fef

FL: youll sea youll be shore to be better in no time

PP: So, I'm not going to die?

FL: no you aint

FL: i aint allowwin it

FL: evven if i havve to breath breath into your lungs an pump your vascular system for you

FL: youre gonna live fef

FL: you havve to

PP: /me giggles a little

-- fuckinLand
is dead serious --

PP: A little anticlimatic! But I'm glad. T)(ank you!

PP: I'd be dead for s)(ore wit)(out you.

-- fuckinLand
flushes an deposits her in his bed, an strokes her face --

FL: wwhale then

FL: youre lucky to havve a best frond like me

PP: I s)(ore am.

PP: /me stares at some pretty bubbles she is seeing floating around

-- fuckinLand
kisses her too-wwarm forehead an smooths her hair again an wwhispers --

FL: im gonna go get you some wwater ok

FL: i wwant you to drink as much as you wwant

PP: /me nods and boops Eridan's nose

FL: an then ill bring you some fruit juice

PP: W)(at fruit?

FL: i dunno

FL: howw does orange sound

PP: Passable!

FL: i could make it a smoothie for you wwith ice cream

FL: an im sure ivve got some rum layin around do you think youd feel better if you wwere a little drunk offa a rum an ice cream an orange smoothie

PP: )(mm, yes!

FL: ok

PP: T)(at sounds reely good!

FL: ok good

PP: /me eridan why are you getting her drunk that is a bad idea

-- fuckinLand
he's a sailor ok rum is like its owwn food group an its made from sugar so its gotta be high energy --

-- fuckinLand
kisses her forehead again an goes to get her a pitcher a wwater an a cup an returns an sits at her side --

PP: /me chugs it down in pretty much one gulp

PP: /me laughs at her being dehydrated because she used to live under the sea

-- fuckinLand
moar wwater >:V --

-- fuckinLand
wwill prop her up on his arm an help her drink it more slowwly --

PP: /me smiles widely at Eridan and drinks

PP: You're so wonderfoam!

-- fuckinLand
p-purrs a little an blushes an kisses her on the cheek again --

FL: pff i havvent evven gotten you your smoothie yet

FL: if im wwonderfoam noww wwhatll i be then

PP: )(e)(e)(e!

PP: I'll )(ave to come up wit)( somet)(ing better for t)(en!!

-- fuckinLand
is so blush an --

FL: /an pecks her on the lips again

-- fuckinLand
you knoww to keep up the treatment --

PP: /me hugs and eskimokisses

-- fuckinLand
is pretty okay wwith that an wwill bury one hand in her hair an press their foreheads together an try not to freak out about her dyin --

PP: You know, if you keep mackarelling on me you will catc)( it too! But it'll be okay if you do, I'll take care of you!!

-- fuckinLand

FL: i aint mackrellin on you im just wworried ok fef

FL: an strider said kisses help you get better faster

FL: wwho am i t doubt a human on a human disease huh

PP: O)(? W-EIRD! I guess it figures, since it's a )(uman disease.

PP: /me shrugs and pulls Eridan close to press a light kiss on his lips

-- fuckinLand
kisses back, tender as anythin, an real slowwly deepens it, givvin fef all the time in the wworld to tell him if the treatment wwas too strong --

PP: /me kisses back as she is.. susprisingly pretty okay with this and Eridan isn't as fishy of a kisser as she would have thought even though it's a little weird

-- fuckinLand
has had lots a practice kissin his matesprit after all --

-- fuckinLand
wwill evventually pull awway an wwipe fefs lowwer lip wwith his thumb --

PP: /me breaks the kiss with a light giggle, blushing a little.

-- fuckinLand
oh wwhale then he wwipes her lip after that --

PP: Are you s)(ore t)(is is supposed to )(elp? It's making me feel a little more dizzy!

FL: uh wwhale thats wwhat he told me

PP: O)( w)(ale. I guess it's not bad dizzy, anyway.

FL: oh

FL: ehe

PP: )(ee )(ee.

FL: wwhale uh

FL: ill just go make you that smoothie noww wwhat do you think

PP: T)(at sounds like a cod idea!

FL: o okay

FL: ill be right back fef

PP: /me will just lay down here because he just kissed Eridan and it wasn't half bad. She's pretty sure she's just having a really weird fever fueled dream.

-- fuckinLand
wwill squeeze her hand an go make her that slushie wwith the orange an the rum an the ice cream --

-- fuckinLand
an bring her a nice big cup a it wwith a spoon an sit at her side --

FL: you aint too hot or too cold or anythin fef are you

FL: do you wwant more pillowws

PP: Nope! I'm just fin rig)(t )(ere.

FL: okay

-- fuckinLand
foreheadkisses her an offers her a spoonful a alcoholic smoothie --

PP: /me smiles and opens her mouth for the spoon with an "ah!", smiling cheerfully

-- fuckinLand
feeds her wwith a little little tiny smile cause fuck hes wworried as shit still but cod shes just so --

-- fuckinLand
so, so, so --

-- fuckinLand
lovvable --

PP: /me eats happily because this was actually pretty good and the cold felt nice and made her throat hurt a lot less

-- fuckinLand
is super fuckin happy that she likes it an wwill feed her as much as she wwants --

PP: You s)(ould )(ave some too! It's reely good.

FL: ehehe, reely?

-- fuckinLand
wwill try a spoonfull --

-- fuckinLand
... wwoww that is reel good --

-- fuckinLand
will feed her the rest, though <3 --

-- fuckinLand
anythin for fef --

PP: /me presses kiss on Eridan's cheek, lips a little cold from the smoothie

-- fuckinLand
flushes an sets the cup aside an. wwill sit in bed wwith her? --

-- fuckinLand
she could put her head in his lap or lean against his shoulder or wwhatevver --

PP: /me leans against Eridan, wrapping her arms around him and snuggling up close

-- fuckinLand
snuggles back an asks quietly an gentlelike --

FL: wwould you like another story fef

PP: )(e)(e. I'd love one.

FL: okay

FL: ill try to make it a good one for you

-- fuckinLand
kisses her hair an starts, slowwly an thoughtfully --

FL: wwhale

FL: do you remember the regal pink cuttlefish an her loyal purple cuttlefish frond

FL: like i said they had a lot a land animal fronds like a purrkitty an a bull an a bleatbeast an a hoofbeast and shit an ones that kinda livved inbetween all amphibious like like a crab an a seagoat

FL: an one day one some a them wwere all like

FL: "wwoww noww that our fefferfish is the neww queen you knoww as she should be cause shes amazin an beautiful an kind an lovvely"

PP: )(ee)(ee.

PP: /me giggles

FL: "wwe should throww her an awwesome party or somethin maybe for her wwrigglin day you knoww to celebrate that shes wwith us evven despite any mistakes she mightvve made cause shes just that great"

PP: /me pretty much has sparkly eyes at this story

-- fuckinLand
grins an kisses her nose --

FL: but then somethin terrible happened!

FL: the wwonderful beautiful cuttlequeen caught a terrible disease an evveryone wwas all like

FL: "oh fuckin hell wwe cant havve that!"

PP: O)( no! )(e)(e.

FL: an a course her loyal cuttlefrond wwas all agreein wwith them an wworried as heck cause he lovved the cuttlequeen a wwhole lot like almost more than anythin in the wworld

FL: so he told em

FL: "hey do you knoww wwhat"

FL: "since wwere throwwin a party for the B--EST cuttle queen -----EV-ER wwe should make it a get wwell party"

FL: "an wwe can all bring her things to make her feel better"

PP: /me nuzzles Eridan's neck affectionately

FL: "like her favvorite foods an blankets made just for royal cuttlefish beds an you knoww"

FL: "bringin ourselvves"

FL: "to tell her howw amazin she is an howw sad wwed be if she died"

FL: itd be reely reely reely sad by the wway

FL: cause no one had evver had a cuttlequeen as lovvely as this before

FL: so thats wwhat they did

PP: ... Pfft. O)( cod, -Eridan. You're t)(e biggest sillyfins.

PP: /me smiles brightly.

-- fuckinLand
grins back --

FL: hey i aint done wwith the story yet you knoww

FL: so they all met up at a covve so all the cuttlefish an the land animals an the inbetwweeny ones could all talk together an evveryone brought somethin for the cuttlequeen

FL: an lemme think

PP: )(ee)(ee. Alrig)(t.

FL: wwhale the bleatbeast brought her a blanket wwovven outta her owwn fur

FL: an it wwas deep an red an wwarm as anythin

FL: an wwith it wwrapped around her it looked like the most elegant cloak a queen could evver wwant

PP: T)(at sounds reely nice!

FL: ehehe doesnt it

FL: an the bull brought her a little bird that sang so swweetly to help her sleep awway the sickness

FL: an the bee brought some swweet totally normal non mind honey to soothe the queens sore throat

PP: /me snorts out a giggle

FL: an the purrkitty wwho was kinda a silly kitty brought the queen a reel nice paintin a cuttlefish lovve for the queen to rest her eyes on wwhen the sickness wwas gettin her dowwn

FL: an the vvirgin mother grub gavve the queen all kinds a advvice an meddled horribly but that wwas ok because she meant wwell an it reely wwas useful you sea

FL: an the dragon

FL: uh

PP: )(e)(e)(e!

FL: i dunno

FL: oh i knoww

FL: the dragon came an gavve the queen some rope an told her to use it to hang this unjust illness by the neck until it wwas dead an gone

FL: the dragon wwas kinda wweird like that

FL: an the spider brought the cuttlequeen a hammock spun from the finest silk for her to sleep in an then made bitchy remarks about howw no one evver threww her parties

PP: Pffft!

FL: ehehe

FL: an the hoofbeast presented the cuttlequeen wwith a little robotic servvant hed made just for her that wwas all sealed against the wwater an wwould go fetch her things until she wwas strong enough to get them herself again

FL: an the seagoat baked her the finest desserts in all the land for her to treat herself on an i assure you none a them had slime or faygo in em just so you knoww

FL: an her purple cuttlefriend

FL: wwhale

FL: he wwent up to her

FL: an curled his tentacles around hers

-- fuckinLand
an Eridan laces his fingers wwith hers --

FL: an told her soft an true as anythin

PP: /me giggles and holds Eridan's hand happily

FL: "fefferfish"

FL: "if evver you need me"

FL: "ill be there"

FL: "no matter wwhat or wwhen or wwhere, all you need to do is call on eriglub"

FL: "an i wwill be at your side"

FL: "ready for anythin you wwant"

FL: "evven the smallest thing an evven the largest i wwill fin a wway because i wwould gill for you fefferfish an i wwould keel ovver an die if that wwas wwhat you wwanted"

PP: /me smiles brightly and presses a light kiss on Eridan's cheek

PP: You know I'd never want t)(at.

PP: W)(at ever would I do wit)(out you, )(e)(e!

-- fuckinLand
is blushin an holds her hand tight --

FL: i knoww you wwouldnt fef

FL: but this is fefferfish wwere talkin about the cuttlequeen

PP: I know s)(e wouldn't eit)(er!

FL: oh do you noww

PP: S)(e reely cares about -Eriglub and s)(e'd be sad if anyt)(ing )(appened to )(im!

PP: Yea)(, I do!

FL: wwhale i suppose eriglubll be happy to hear that i dont suppose he reely wwants to be apart from her either

PP: )(ee )(ee.

FL: ehehe

PP: /me kisses Eridan on the lips briefly

PP: So I'll get better sooner, you know! )(e)(e.

PP: /me is not blushing totally

-- fuckinLand
is so completely blushin an wwraps his arms around fef an kisses her on the lips right back --

FL: i wwant you wwell as soon as possible

FL: okay fef

PP: Yea)(!

FL: ehehehe

FL: noww i guess you should probably get some rest an stuff

PP: Will you stay )(ere wit)( me?

FL: wwhale i aint got a songbird to sing you to sleep so

FL: i guess ill have to stay so i can hum you t sleep instead

FL: wwhat do you think a that

PP: /me smiles excitedly

PP: I'd love t)(at.

-- fuckinLand
grins a little an settles back a little pullin her against his chest an hums "part of your world" to fef all slow an calmin --

-- fuckinLand
an strokes her hair fingercombin it out an strokes her back just makin sure shes all wwarm an lovved an knowws it --

PP: /me snuggles against Eridan's chest happily, really happy with the song selection too and she would purr if she could.

PP: /me falls asleep pretty quickly too, still smiling.
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