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So they sent me out here...

Homestuck music things.

4/15/11 03:13 am - Homestuck music things.

So there's a new Homestuck album, Medium, with eight tracks. (Wind, Shade, Light, Rain, Heat, Clockwork, Frost, Frogs.) People started talking about how playing the two that make a planet together makes something really cool!

I, of course, promptly went into Garageband and did this.

With every possible combination.

[MediumX2 Combo]x26

Then I was all like "shit, let's play ALL EIGHT SONGS AT THE SAME TIME!"

The Incipisphere

Then I was all like, "man, I bet if I fiddled with this a bit, I could get something cool..."


And THEN I was all like "... I actually really like making mashups! :D HERE LET'S DO ANOTHER THAT WILL DOUBTLESS BE TERRIBLY UNSKILLED BUT STILL PRETTY COOL."

Antithestuck Flames

someone take garageband away from me before someone gets hurt
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